Consumers For Accessible Ride Services (CARS)

The Consumers For Accessible Ride Services (CARS) committee is an advocacy group made up of concerned transit riders with disabilities. CARS was set up to educate riders about their rights, advocate on their behalf, if necessary, with transportation service providers, and ensure that riders receive the "World Class Service" that MTA says they are going to provide.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 states:

Section 12143. Paratransit as a complement to fixed route service.

With this in mind, CARS is dedicated to ensuring that anyone with a disability who rides fixed route and paratransit systems in the Baltimore metropolitan area are treated fairly and provided with the appropriate services that they are entitled to under the ADA. If for some reason, these rights are violated, then we will assist in making sure that your voice is heard.

Contact us by email at or by phone at 443-585-CARS (2277).

Follow us on Facebook at Consumers For Accessible Ride Services Page or on Twitter: @cars_baltimore

We would like to thank Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) for partnering with CARS and for all the great support they provide. If you need legal assistance in any disability matters, they can be contacted at: Disability Rights Maryland | 1500 Union Avenue | Baltimore, MD 21211 | Phone 410-727-6352 | Fax 410-727-6389 |